Condom Basic Skin 100 pcs

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Condom Basic Skin 100  pcs

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Product Information
An excellent condom for a favourable price. Basic Skin condoms are wrapped in an elongated foil. This means that less packaging material is needed, transportation costs are lower so that makes these condoms are less harmful to the environment. Not only this, a small pack is more convenient. Of course, this has no effect to the reliability. These condoms have been tested three times and of very high quality. Extra lubricant MoreAmore Soft Skin condoms have extra lubricating gel. The extra gel allows more comfort and prevents damaging the condom when being used. Extra lubrication also makes sure you have more fun. When you're going to use more lubricant make sure that the one you use is safe with latex condoms. Latex Soft Skin condoms are made of silky soft high quality latex. They have a pleasant appealing scent. People can be allergic to latex and in exceptional cases that can lead to an anafylactic shock. Specifications Material: Natural rubber latex Lubricant: Silicon oil Shape: Straight condom with teat Nominal width: 53mm Length: 185mm Colour: Transparant Texture: Smooth Thickness: 70 micron Condom Foil: Elongated Quality Quality is the most important aspect of condoms, because how beautiful, funny, pleasurable or special they are, the most important thing is they do not get damaged when using. Every MoreAmore condom is electronically tested before being packed. During every production run MoreAmore condoms are tested 3 times before leaving the factory. This ensures maximum quality. Want to know more about the different condoms that are taking a condom? Watch the video here. Sustainability MoreAmore strives to produce their products in the most sustainable way possible, we do this to minimize the effect on the environment. All boxes and leaflets are printed on FSC paper or recycled paper. Condoms are made of natural rubber latex. Latex condoms that are no longer kept in a pack will perish and turn to dust. The condoms are packed in aluminum foil. Aluminum is not recyclable, but it offers the best protection for the condom. Our factories are all BSCI certified. This means that we strive for optimal safety, protection and fair payment for employees and sustainable production.
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